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richies interview II

what have you been up too
 not much
 well when are you gonna get your license i meen you have been 16 for ove a month and havent started drivers ed
 i dunno
 do you like to skate or snow board better
 im better at it
 who is your favirote music artist
 the ramones
 why the ramones why not like the backstreet boys or ja rule
 backstreetboys are queer and ja rule sucks
 what is the best skate video ever
 emerica this is skateboarding
 tell me about the best time you ever had skateboarding
 i dont no what that is so i cant
 what about one that sticks out in your mind
 7 stair boardside the day i did that i had fun
 oh yea i didnt have fun then my ankle was hurt
 where is your favirote spot
 have you ever had sex
 have ever seen a naked girl
 what about naked man other than yourself
 spanky or herman
 blind or world industries
 the clash or sex pistols
 sex pistols
 math or science
 frontside or backside
 long hair or short
 taco bell or subway
 (i had bot today)
 high school or elementary
 thrasher magazine or
 thrasher magazine
 kickflip or heelflip
 heelflips suck
last thing you ate
 last time you skated
 last trick you got on film and last rick you got a photo of
 photo i think boardslide 7 film i dont remember probly a kickflip
 last cd you bought
 joey ramones solo album
i think
 last cd you burned
sex pistols mix
last band you saw live
 david bowie
 last time you updated the site
 Saturday, January 31, 2004 9:42:04 PM
 do you have a girlfriend
 what about tiffany
 she wasnt my girlfriend last time i checked i dunno thoe
 do you think rain will ever finish a video
 why not
 we never film
 do you think winter is a good excuse
 no we stoped filming befor it got cold
 i dont know why
 do you think when it is dry and warmer there should be a deadline
 the deadline should have been last year befor it got cold
 but yes i do
i do agree about the last year thing
what songs do you think would be good for a video part
 pet sematary or poison heart
 who is the best rapper ever
you never did have good taste in music
youll have that