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richies interview

 Hi Rich how are things?
 there going good
So whats with skateboarding? Why do you like it?
 well i guess i just like it cause its fun to do it can get stress full but i try not to let that happen to much
ya how about the video how that going for ya?
 well it was going good untill we found out nicks stupid camera wont plug into a computer and half my footage cant be used
 You didn't have much on it how about some skateboarding gear stats what are you riding right now?
 a blind deck phantom 2's blind hardwear jessup grip girl golds and some cheap wheels
whats with the colored wheels anyway?
 i dont no i traded a paintball gun that i never used for a brand new complete and they were on it
 i realy need new ones
ya you rich what spots are your favorites at the moment?
 i would say good church the army reserve and probly the highschool
 ya what about far away spot like wooster,Mt Vernon or Kenyon?
 kenyon is fun and there is a nice 7 stair and i like a kinnda small 9 in wooster there all real good spots 
i will skate anything thoe
 what do you perfer to skate?
 gaps or places were you can get good lines
 handrails are fun to whats the latest trick?
 well i front boarded a 5 today we didnt get it on film thoe
 ya so what are the favorite skaters rich?
 kery getz and tosh towend
 why on both of them?
 kery getz is realy good at every thing pretty much every thing and tosh is too and tosh's video part in in bloom is the best part ever at least i think its inbloom 
its sight unseen pal
 yeah thats it
 its the best ever thoe
yah....jeez rich you need to learn your videos.
 i do i always get transworld vids mixed up i dont no why
yah i know.....back to the video what do you think about part order?
 ivan nick adrian me
 i dont no thoe well see
 yah....nice whats up with you not going for big gaps anymore

 i did a 9 first try the other day
 who cares i'm talking about no warmup first try bitch whats up with that?
 i dont no
 i usaly just go for it if i want to do it
jeez whats your favorite video right now?
 emerica this is skateboarding
yah thats a good one whos got your favorite part in that?
 im not sure all the parts are pretty good 
ya thats what about BC whats up with those homos?
 there vid is going to be good but they like to talk trash on each other alot
ya they have alot of internal garbage to handle.....especially the little one dusta bear
 you mean dusta knell right
ya dusta bear
 yeah that kid is truble
word.... well rich i think that is about it..any last words?
 hilary duff is hott
 fo shizzal dizzal

 thats the end