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nicks interveiw

last time you skated
 not gonna happen already been done
 last tme you took a crap in your pants
 good one
 last time you puked
 im not doing a last word
 interview me
 how are you to day
 how are you today
 pretty good
 when was the last time you skated
 tonight with you ivan and bc
 did you do any thing narly
 that is top secret
 is there any thing you can share with the public
 rich is the new rail wrangler
 i ment about you
 ive been a pile lately just taken pics............i got some stuff this week though
 what are your plans for the vid
 get in the back ground of a lot of good tricks that you guys through down
 i heard you were thinking about doing a 11 hows that looking
 oh you a douche
 just kiddin
 what do you think of bc
 JK forever
 whats jk stand for
 Jaded Krew 
who all is in it
 just pat yox and sammy boone ( Adrian is the only who will get that)
 those to rip
 why doesnt anyone represent jk anymore
 i mean thoghs two rip
 and they do represent 
thoughs two rip and kill ever spot around
 now i have a card that says im in jk for life 
am i kicked out
 pat said your not gettin the coverage and your out he kicked me out adn i made the krew
 hes gay
 i dont know you cant talk to him about anything he will kick your ass
 i here hes a cop
 he kills people if thats what you meen
 do you kill people
 about 1 a day right now but i might up my numbers in a week or so
 early you told me one in a half explain plz
 lets move on please
 so hows being president going 
i havent done anything yet 
i dont know whyu they even bother taking the time
 thats gay
 well the school system is gay
 some people say you like guys is this true
 no way im definately heterosexual
 thats good to here
what do you think part order will be
 for the rain vid
 dont know
 no ideals
 you hert your ankle resently right
 nothing worth talking about
 you dont like to talk about you much do you
 guess not
 well that about ends it 
anything you would like to say
 i want to know why you got no pics of me on the site
 i dont have any pics of you to put on it
 what about logann
 i need to get the pic from adrian so if you want it on there tell him to give it to me'
 he is not talking to me
 oh well ill try and get it
 he said i annoy him