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adrians interview

interview with adrian

how was your day so far
 my day has been okie dokie
 when do you think the rain video will be done
 ummm probably never we have been having some slow weeks latly and now with school starting its gonna get slower
 if the video does get done what do you think it will be named
 um well i like either RxAxIxN or i dunno maybe no one can stop the rain
 how do you think thr parts will go
 well i was thinkin....Adrian..Nick...Ivan..Richie but i dunno its gonna come down to who gets the most shizz
 do you like always having cameras on you while skateing
 i think you should have a camera but sometimes it can stress you out more when one is there....i dunno i guess everyone is different but it doesn't bother me when i get filmed or whatever..
 does it seem like a trick is taking longer when its being filmed
 only when nick is taking stills do i really think about me taking a long time because film is expansive but you can just record over video things
 when you film other people do you think its fun
 i like filming other people alot i think i am probably the best filmer out of our little group so yes i enjoy it very much
 does it ever get boring
 only when you guys don't go for stuff i hate standing their while you don't even try...i don't hate anything more then when somebody rides up to something a million tho i hate that
 are there any tricks that you want to tell that youve got
 Hahaha i don't got any shizz that is worth telling but i will say that i am gonna have a good part
 what do you genraly like to skate
 i like to skate places where i can put together some lines which we never go to...gaps are fun i don't really care foor drops too much
 why dont you ever go to places where you can do lines
 cuz stupid nick and stupid richie always wanna go skate wicked 30 stairs
 well what do you think about fishing
 i think fishing kicks ass nothing better then going fishing
 do think it should be a sport
 i thought it was
 it is but should it be
 of course
 do you consider skateboarding a sport
 nahhh not really 
why not
 umm i just don't think that it would ever be accepted like other sports so it can't be one
 i agree
 so what do you think of enjoi skateboards

 they suck!!! a freakin waste of money
 why is that
 i broke mine in 2 days it was retarded
 you golf right
 i golf and i am king
 i challenge anyone who plays right now to a game of golf i kick ass
 is golf easy for you then
 no its a hard stupid sport but i rule
 what is the best advice you ever got
 be yourself....and don't quit
 who gave it to you
 ummmm i think my dad told me both
 your dads a good man then
 thank you
 is there any advice you would like to give
 think before you act
 do you always think before you act
 nope hardly ever
 is there anything you would like to say
 i want to say hello to BC and thats about it thanks richie
 your welcome